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Fried Chicken

Post date: 16 Aug 2017

A fried chicken recipe.

Consume a large bottle of pickles, the kind with a lot of brine. One 28 oz. jar of store bought pickles produces enough brine to brine ~6 chicken thighs, or maybe one whole chicken if you’re lucky. You can always supplement with water & salt.

Brine overnight in the fridge. I like to turn over the ziplock bag a few times to make sure there’s even coverage.

When ready to fry, pat the meat down dry (this is critical) and then bread lightly in a flour / cornstarch / salt / spices mixture. I like a 3:1 flour:cornstarch mixture right now, but I’m still experimenting. You want to bread the chicken so that it feels completely dry to the touch before entering the hot oil.

Fry chicken in batches in a wok. I like canola oil.