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Post date: 15 Dec 2015

Made with Elinor and Shaddi. I accidentally combined these two recipes:


  • Chop vegetables. I used a red onion (pretty small), most of a cabbage, and a ton of parsley. Like, a whole bunch of parsley. Keep the parsley chopped pretty coarse.
  • Add a cup of sugar and half a cup of salt and coat vegetables evenly. i had to use two mixing bowls for this part, but the vegetables will shrink as their water comes out.
  • Wait 5 minutes. rinse vegetables really really really well, and then use the salad spinner to spin them dry.
  • Add dressing. for the dressing i used: 3:1 ratio buttermilk: mayo, and a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. No salt, as mayo’s pretty salty and you already added salt to the vegs.