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Backpacking Duck Confit Salad

Post date: 26 Dec 2018

In April 2016, Buro and I went on a short backpacking trip out on the Lost Coast in California. I came back with mixed impressions and raw feet from walking on the sand for 3 days.

On night one we made a green garlic cabbage slaw that is better forgotten than written up. Green garlic is quite pungent in April and we had used it generously in the sauce like an earlier in the season green garlic.

However, on night two, we made a fun and fantastic duck confit salad that travelled and ate well.

Make ahead

Fish sauce vinaigrette salad dressing

Bring backpacking

  • Carrots (5-7)
  • Y-peeler
  • one to two larger pieces duck confit
  • (small) pan or pot that fits each piece of confit in it easily for searing
  • aformentioned made-ahead fish sauce vinaigrette

Put together

  • Y-peel carrots (This is fun!)
  • While one person is y-peeling carrots, shred each piece duck confit off the bone and place shredded pieces (with any fat that’s fallen off during the day while you’ve been hiking) in the pan to fry up and warm up. Brown and warm.
  • Place duck on top of y-peeled carrots and pour over vinagrette to taste.

<3 Maggie